FCM INspection

The legislation on food contact materials specifies requirements for both the process and the final products. Avoiding the adequate controls can compromise the image of companies and lead to sanctions and disputes.

Thanks to our experience, we can define a risk management path for companies, which may have specific needs in:

  • Validation of products: raw materials, suppliers, supporting documentation, compliance with national and foreign legislation.
  • Validation of productive process: good manufacturing practices (gmp), risk verification, traceability, consistency of supporting documentation, self-control plan.

Based on the regulatory needs and the characteristics of the companies, specific criteria are defined

The first need for companies is to define specifications related to regulatory needs. Subsequently it is possible to check compliance with the defined specifications.

The most useful way to check the correctness of the path taken and compliance with the established specifications is an inspection on materials and objects intended for contact with food accredited to ISO 17020, carried out by an exclusive partnership with the TTR institute, an accredited body.


Our experience in the field supporting companies has led us to have evidence of the usefulness of the checks, as the needs of companies vary considerably in the materials sector intended for contact with food; the requirements of good manufacturing practices are different in the packaging sector, kitchenware, small appliances, industrial machinery etc.

Raw materials imported and distribuited also have a significant impact; some situations may require the verification of the purity of raw materials, production auxiliaries, cross-contaminations in the warehouse or in the production premises, others may involve validation of washing, dosages or critical measurements.

The labeling, the self-control plan and preventive actions as well as the communication of the supply chain depend on the specific products or processes.

The activities are carried out in synergy and with the collaboration of the experts of the Food Contact Center s.r.l

To face the path, it is essential for companies to support FCM skills; Contact us to develop together a path for the growth of your skills by writing to fcs@foodcontactservices.com

Thanks to the support provided to the TTR institute, our technical assistance activities can be completed and sealed by an accredited verification, carried out by virtue of the synergy with the TTR.