A team of professionals for more than 10 years has joined together to build this project which has as its main purpose the dissemination of the culture of quality, processes and products in companies that produce and use materials in contact with food.

We provide your company with a series of different professionals and attitudes to create a complete service for your product.

The services we offer range from GMP compliance audits to more complex LCA studies, passing through elaborate risk assessments to be calibrated on products and processes based on customer needs.


Eleonora Schiavi

Born in Pisa, where she obtained a Master’s Degree and a PhD in Chemical Sciences.

Since 2017 engaged in the MOCA world, dealing mainly with legislative studies with reference to mandatory legislation at national, European and non-European level, providing regulatory consultancy and studies related to Green Claim and environmental labelling of packaging, evaluating the required requirements for the countries of interest, with particular attention to the requirements of Italian legislation.

For this reason, she obtained the title of Green Packaging Expert and Green Packaging Claim in 2022 with the Italian Packaging Institute.

She gained experience in the management of company Quality Systems and laboratories according to the UNI EN ISO 17025 standard, and in the quality control of the management of analytical data and uncertainty.



Melissa Ferrari

Born in Orzinuovi (Brescia) Graduated Chemical Expert with qualification in technical quality control of food production and marketing. She has worked for over 10 years as a laboratory technician specialized in food and packaging analysis, develops a dedication and special care to laboratory quality management systems and certified ones.

In force in FCS since the beginning, Melissa deals with consulting for systems in companies that produce materials and objects in contact with food and assessment of the risk of contamination of food during their processing in the plants exploiting the consolidated experience in the food sector.

She obtained the Food Contact Expert qualification in 2015 and the qualification of Internal Auditor on the ISO 9001 Standard in 2021.



Junior Siriboe

Born in Brescia, Graduated Industrial Chemical Expert and Graduated in Biological Sciences, He mainly deals with regulatory affairs, in particular he dedicates himself to the study of those international alerts and the effects on the person.

He has been working in Food Contact Services for a year as Customer Technical Assistant, customer interface for all the commercial part, consultant with regard to Management Systems and Regulatory Affairs Specialist.



Lisa Filindassi

Born in Florence, graduated in Biotechnology, she began her career as a microbiological laboratory technician in a pharmaceutical company and then, after years spent in quality control laboratories analyzing the most disparate matrices, she devoted herself to the study of MOCA legislation and over time becoming a reference figure for companies in the panorama of experts in materials and objects in contact with food, matching regulatory and technical requirements on a global basis.

She obtained the qualification of Food Contact Expert in 2011 and participates in working groups, European associations and technical commissions.



Marinella Vitulli

Marinella Vitulli is a Chemist. She deals with Materials and Packaging on regulatory issues, process evaluation and risk assessment. She is qualified as LCA expert and Food Contact Expert, and she is expert in many certification schemes applicable to companies regarding food safety.

She started her career in Pisa University as a researcher on food and pharmaceutical chemistry, and subsequently moved to various roles in Quality Control, R&D, and third part Laboratory management.

She cooperates with associations and technical groups for the definition of rules relating to the risk assessment of food contact materials at a global level; she is a qualified TTR Auditor for carrying out GMP Audits accredited by Accredia according to ISO 17020.