Proficency Tests

The supply chain has to evaluate the toxicological information that highlight the toxicity of particular substances used in the food contact product.

Test methods for evaluating the safety of objects are often not standardized and well defined. The best way to solve these issues is to define analytical methods with relative measurement uncertainty through collaborative tests.

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The proficiency problem team consists of a network of professionals working in different organizations such as universities, accredited laboratories, national accreditation bodies, public and private companies.

Years ago the team started sharing technical and analytical problems, knowledge and solutions: over the years an “informal network” has been created.
Most of the activities carried out are confidential and cannot be published due to confidentiality agreements, but by contacting the team it is still possible to share a large number of “lessons learned”.
In 2017, the team decided to make the informal network visible through a website and open it for contributions from other colleagues.

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